Types of Coffee Drinks & Beans

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Types of Coffee Drinks & Beans

The Popular Cup of Coffee

This article is for all the people out there who love coffee, ground or the rich beans you buy and can grind fresh. There are numerous kinds of coffee drinks. It is one beverage that you can drink hot or cold, although coffee drinkers may differ when it comes to drinking their coffee hot or cold coffee. Some coffee drinkers swear that you can only get a good cup of coffee from the right coffee maker. And, the list of coffee makers are too numerous to mention. Some even swear the by adding a little ice to a hot cup of coffee only enhances the flavor. Some even use ice to brew their coffee, saying it makes the flavor stand out. The main reason that the coffee bean is produced is for its caffeine content. A cup of coffee can be an addictive drink and also a treat. One can purchase a ground coffee, an instant coffee, a coffee bag (like the tea bag), or coffee beans.
People prefer different types of flavorings for their coffee. Some prefer plain milk, half and half, flavored coffee creamers, or powdered creamers. To sweeten a cup of coffee some prefer, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, raw sugar, any kind of sweetener, or a favorite flavored coffee syrup, such as vanilla, carmel, raspberry, hazelnut, and etc. Many of the top selling specialty coffees are already creamed and flavored. Some even prefer liquor added to their coffee.

Coffee Prices

Pricing for coffee also varies as much as the types of coffee available. The range is close to $2.49 a pound to $10.00 a pound and sometimes higher. If you want a higher quality of coffee then you will be paying a higher price. There are just as numerous coffee companies available to purchase coffee. Many food chains label their own coffee, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Each company hails their coffee as the very best, and you have to make up your own mind. The best ranking coffee can be put to a vote, but what it comes down to is each individual has their own favorites for a particular coffee. You can tell how popular a particular coffee company is by their sales.

The Arabica Bean

With all of the varieties of coffee in the world there are only two types of coffee bean, these are the Arabica and the Robusta coffee bean. Factors in our environment greatly affect coffee tastes and types, so coffee is identified more by the location they came from. The coffee bean it actually a seed, and it resembles a bean, thus the name coffee bean comes into play. Of the two coffee beans, the Arabica Bean is the more superior in that it is richer and has a fuller flavor, maybe due to the fact that it is grown at a higher altitude. It does not contain as much caffeine as its counterpart, the Robusta. The Arabica bean is the one that most coffee producers grow and makes up the gourmet types of coffee.

The Robusta Bean

The Robusta bean is grown in lower altitudes, and has numerous blends. It is considered a lower grade of coffee. These beans are easier to grow and maintain and will generally produce the lower priced coffees. There are numerous plant species.

What are the top countries that harvest coffee beans?

Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Guatemala, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Peru, United States (Hawaii) and Yemen South Africa.

What are some of the more popular coffee varieties in ground and bean?

Vanilla, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, various chocolate, Irish Cream, Amaretto, Cream Brulee, Raspberry, Blueberry and the list is actually endless depending on what coffee company you are ordering your coffee from.

There are hundreds of coffee companies to order coffee from but, some popular coffee sites are Gevalia, Star Bucks, Folgers, Dunkin Donuts, Eight O Clock, New England Coffee Company, Tim Horton’s, Green Mountain Coffee, Caribou Coffee, The Coffee Beanery and this list is endless, so you have to pick, choose and try. If it is not up to your standards then there are many more to try the next time.

If you are well informed then coffee is easy to prepare no matter what way you want it. It is good to do some research in how to prepare that special cup of coffee. If you are into espresso or cappuccinos then you may want to explore all the different coffee machines available and find one that is going to fit your need and budget. Or, you can just go to your nearest coffee house.

There are approximately 10 well known coffee houses or franchises. There are also numerous mom and pop coffee houses spread through the Untied States that no one knows about except for residents in that city.

Seven of the Most Popular Coffee Drinks:

What is Espresso?

Some of the more popular coffee drinks are espresso, a very strong coffee

  • Coffee is made from dark roast coffee bean in an espresso machine
  • Espresso is the coffee foundation for other coffee combinations

What is cappuccino?

  • Equal parts of espresso, steamed milk and froth
  • Espresso is hearty in flavor and richness
  • Espresso can be a dessert
  • Top froth with grated dark chocolate or cocoa powder

What is a Latte?

  • One single shot of espresso and three parts of steamed milk
  • Add sugar
  • Use for dipping cake, biscuits, or cookies

What is Cafe Au Lait?

  • Weaker form of Latte
  • 1:1 combination of brewed coffee and steamed milk
  • Uses no espresso

What is Caf Mocha Macchiato?

  • A cappuccino or a Latte
  • Add chocolate syrup
  • Top with whipped cream, grated chocolate, or cocoa

What is the Carmel Macchiato?

  • Prepared variety of ways
  • Most commonly prepared with espresso, caramel, and foamed milk
  • Add vanilla
  • Can add sugar

What is the Americano?

  • One shot of espresso to one cup of hot water
  • Add sugar
  • Add minimum of milk
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