Top 5 Super Foods for Health and Beauty

Super Foods

Top 5 Super Foods for Health and Beauty

“You are what you eat” is not a famous adage for nothing. People are becoming more conscious of the type of food that they are eating right now, and many of them start to realize that what they feed their body transpires in their outside appearance. If you love eating oily food, you are more likely to suffer from oily skin; take away the fiber in your diet, and constipation will surely make your life a “little” miserable.

The food we intake is extremely important on how we grow, prevent illnesses, and function in our daily lives. However, there is more to nutrition that food can provide us. Unknown to some, the secret to a beautiful skin and body is not purely cosmetics—which have seemed to be the fountain of youth to many men and women of today. They just fail to realize that aside from exercise and healthy lifestyle, food play a vital role on how we look in the outside.

If you are one of the people who are spending thousands of dollars every year to maintain that youthful look by buying skin care products and medications for beauty, this may the time for you to think twice. There are plenty, plenty of natural alternatives that not only can enhance your skin’s clarity and tone, by adding a few foods in your diet, you can also strengthen you hearth, boost your mood, manage your weight, and enjoy a healthier, longer, and happier life. What are these top 10 Superfood? Let’s find out:


This orange-colored tropical fruit is a favorite ingredient of soaps, body scrubs, and beauty creams. This is primarily because papaya provides plenty of benefits for the skin. It can be used as face-pack to get its benefits fully with its enzyme called “papain” helping alleviate dead skin cells for a bright, fresh, and glowing skin. Since papaya is low in calories, it is also great for people who aim for a healthy weight. It aids natural digestion and prevents constipation.


Ranked No. 1 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in terms of antioxidant properties, blueberries contains nutrients that can prevent premature aging. Though not pretty popular compared to strawberries, a half cup of blueberries added in your cereal daily can combat free radicals that damages the DNA. If you want to maximize the anti-oxidant benefits of blueberries, go organic or eat it raw. A recent study suggests that organically grown blueberry has higher concentrations of phenol and anthocyanin antioxidants that can be your natural fountain of youth.


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! So true! Apples will keep you out of toxins that do harm for the body with its liver detoxifying properties. Toxins can cause stress and naturally harmful for the skin and it is a must that it will be flushed out of your system.  An apple for snack instead of junk food and unhealthy beverages can do wonders for your health.

Wild Salmon

Go farm raised if you want to get the best of nutrition out of salmon. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid that can help the skin stay supple and moisturized. And, yes who can ever forget that Omega-3 is good for the heart.


If you are not very fond of seafood, you have to think twice now if you want a natural source of health and beauty. Despite the general perception that oysters are high in fat and packed with calories, they actually contain only 50 mg. per serving. They contain low fat protein that is a lot easier to digest than chicken and beef. It is filled with Vitamins A, B, C, and D as well as the richest source of Zinc out there. Zinc is essential for fast wound healing and immunity boosting properties to give you an energetic body that cannot be easily penetrated with diseases.

These only are a few from the unlimited selections of food that benefits the health. The key to a beautiful outside appearance is a healthy inside, and eating food that provides superior vitamins and minerals can help you achieve the goal.

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