The Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Sharepoint


The Pros And Cons Of Microsoft Sharepoint

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Microsoft Sharepoint, you should know that it’s an office file and project management system that was first released in 2001. If you have at least ten people working for you, it’s one system that you can use in order share files and manage specific projects.

While it may sound boring at first, SharePoint’s updated version, which was released in 2010, has some exciting features that will greatly benefit your business (and excite your employees). Take a look at the features listed below.

1. Team sites

If you’re working on several projects at the same time, you can track deadlines and deliverables by simply creating a team site. On team sites, team members can organize their related files, emails and meeting notes. Really, anything and everything about a certain project can be stored there.

More than being a repository of files, however, you can share ideas and opinions with the team site’s built-in social media features for team members.

2. Enterprise search

If you need to do some research on a particular project, SharePoint has an enterprise search features where you can search archived, emails, and records of all projects in the database. You can also do Internet research through this feature.

With enterprise search, it’s easy to make business decisions, and to look for people who have the interest and the experience to work on a project you want to create. The information you find can be converted into an interactive report that you can share to everyone in your company.

3. Document archiving and synchronization

You can synchronize the files on your SharePoint with your desktop. In this way, even when you don’t have Internet, you can still access the files. Also, with its automatic archiving feature, you won’t ever lose any document.

Its archiving and synchronization feature alone is good enough reason to get this product by Microsoft.

With all the features mentioned above, there are many obvious benefits to using SharePoint, not the least of which is the ability to organize multiple ongoing projects and getting on top of them. With its team site feature, you can track which projects are doing well and which ones need a little helping. No other software can give you the same kind of information. If you have employees who work halfway around the world, this feature is very useful.

If you want to use SharePoint, you should know that it has a licensed version and a web version. As the name implies, with the web version, you only need to log on to the SharePoint website. With a licensed version, you have to deploy SharePoint on your own server. This can be a disadvantage especially if you’re going to deploy and maintain it yourself. However, there are third-party companies out there who install and host SharePoint for others.

Whether you should use the licensed or web version really depends on your own needs but whatever you do, make sure you use this tool if you’re going to buy it.

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