Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch

Earlier this week I put up a notice on our Owner’s Corporation noticeboard (I’m the Owner’s corporation Secretary) alerting residents that the local council clean-up is next week and to get started putting out their junk. I had printed the notice and used Blu-Tack to stick it to the noticeboard. Blu-Tack is fucking awesome by the way – I hope whoever invented it made a shit-load of money. Anyway…

Yesterday as I’m heading out I see my notice is on the ground. Hmmm, perhaps it fell off. I pick it up and notice the blue-tak is gone. Then I notice that there is a new notice on the noticeboard from the guy in unit 27 announcing he is moving out and has a garage sale this weekend. And his notice is attached with blue-tak. I think that might be my Blu-Tack! Surely not. Would someone be so annoying as to pull off my notice, and use my Blu-Tack to attach theirs?

So I head up to unit 27, knock on the door. Bob (not his real name) answers. I explain the situation and kinda hesitantly ask him if he did in fact remove my notice, take the Blu-Tack and put up his with it. He answers straight away with ‘yep’. I’m taken aback and ask him why – does he not consider that to be pretty rude. He answers that he thought his garage sale was more urgent than the council clean up next week. I’m speechless.

Some people…

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