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Good health is more than just staying in shape and making regular trips to a doctors office. It’s also a state of mind. To be healthy, one has to think healthy. Keeping a positive outlook on life and your lifestyle choices is key to maintaining a perfect state of well being. But even casting aside most of that, what exactly does being healthy mean to most people?

For most of us, we think a basic exercise regimen and health food based diet will lead us down the path of good health. And any time we aren’t feeling well, we pick up a bottle of generic medication X and pop a few tablets back, letting modern chemistry take care of all of our ailments. But when you think about it, are all those chemical compounds really good for you after all?

For some people out there, the answer is a big fat ‘No’. They like to practice natural health techniques to help rid the body of daily issues without having to resort to chemical compounds to cure a simply headache. And when you think about it, don’t natural remedies for good health go hand in hand with that earthy green salad you just ate? So for those of you that want to treat yourselves, or perhaps your children, with some more natural health remedies:

Sore Throat: This one is a great home remedy for children (At least one year of age), but it works great on adults as well. Skip the pharmacy when a sore throat sets in, and simply mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of warm honey, and eat it. Make sure to have children take it bit by bit. The mixture will almost instantly soothe your sore throat, and it tastes great going down.

Bug Bites: The bane of campers and children alike, bug bites are an annoyance that many of us rush to the store to find an ointment for. But don’t waste your time and money on expensive chemical compounds to take that itchy pain away. Simply add just enough water to a teaspoon of baking soda to make a paste, and smear it on the bite. As you let it dry, the alkaline in the baking soda takes out the acidic sting from the bug bites, and relieves the pain.

Nosebleeds: A terrible situation for anyone, regardless of age. While most modern medicine doesn’t even try and tackle the issue of a bloody nose, natural medicine can help with a surprising solution. Cayenne pepper. Yep, that same stuff you use to spice chili with. First, pinch off your nose and tilt your head back a bit to slightly clear the area, then sprinkle a little cayenne pepper onto a cotton ball and dab the inside of your nostrils with it. The pepper will help the blood clot so the bleeding stops. Be careful with children though, as it will sting a little.

Motion Sickness: Long car trip with the family have you feeling on edge? Don’t bog your system down with heavy sleep inducing medicine to combat your motion sickness. Instead have a nice cup of fresh ginger tea. Ginger will help halt your stomach contractions, which is what tells your brain that you fell ill. When your stomach calms down, your body will stop feeling woozy from all the movement and you can safely skip the embarrassing trip to the restroom. And as an added bonus, ginger tea tastes great and has other health benefits.

Swelling: To help combat swelling from just about any irritated area, simply apply freshly sliced cucumber to the area. Just like we use on our eyes to get rid of that puffy look, cucumber slices will help ease the swelling of any area. But if it’s a serious injury such as a sprain or break, please do not try and treat it at home.

As you can see, not every issue requires a trip to the local pharmacy. Natural health remedies exist in many forms for many different ailments, and are often cheaper and better for your system than over the counter medications. Couple that with a healthy diet and exercise, and you are set for a healthy, natural life.

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