Learn about Cosmetic Thread Lifting

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Learn about Cosmetic Thread Lifting

People want to look young and energetic, no matter what their age is. But, the skin on the face and most places of the body would naturally be wrinkled and start sagging, with old age.

Most people would use cosmetic surgery in order to correct this problem and look young again. The problem is that cosmetic surgery would be costly and there would be unwanted side effects from this surgery. Scarring and infection are some of the major issues that would arise from cosmetic surgery. Hence most people would fear going for cosmetic surgery and avoid taking any treatment for this common problem that occurs with old age.

Cosmetic thread lifting is an effective solution to this problem. It is a kind of miniature facelift that could be performed within one hour. Tread lifting could be performed without any recovery time or pain for that matter. The most important thing is that cosmetic thread lifting does not leave any scar or there is no cutting needed as in cosmetic surgery. There wouldn’t be any stitch marks or long term complications other than a little swelling and pain for a few days.

Cosmetic thread lifting uses thread, which are specialized suture material to lift the skin in the face and other areas, where there is sagging. It would lift the skin to a more youthful and better looking position. It is less risky and done with more speed and efficiency than cosmetic surgery. Thread lifting could be performed with or without sedation. Anybody who does not want to be without any sedation could request to be sedated before performing a thread lift.

The first step would be to decide the areas that need to be treated and the amount of lift that is needed in those particular areas. The amount of lift is decided by pulling back the skin. Then it would be marked with a surgical marker. After the area is marked, local anesthesia is used to numb the area. The adrenaline in the local anesthetics acts to constrict the blood vessels in the area and keep off bruising. The threads are used to pull the skin up and tighten it. The most common hazard is mild swelling and bruising. Which would be cured in 1-2 weeks. Thread lifts would ensure long term lifts in the skin.

A thread lift could improve areas under the eye, especially sagging under the eye or the eyebrows, Sagging in the neck and jaws, fullness of the face and sagging cheeks. This process could be performed in a clinic in under one hour. This would cost between 1500-4000$ and it would depend on some other factors too. This mild surgery would be best for women and men of 35-40 ages, who is showing signs of aging in the skin. There are some instructions that the patient should follow soon after the mini operation. That is not pulling down the skin on the face and not using the face muscles extensively. This should be strictly followed by the patient for effective results.

Sometimes your doctor would combine different techniques to obtain natural looking effects. The thread lift could be mixed with resurfacing and dermal filler. Prior to the operation the physician would ask the patient not to eat and drink for about 12 hours. An anxiety control medicine to calm the body nerves before the mild surgery. Smoking should be stopped immediately.
All this could add to a healthy and speedy recovery from the mild operation.

The biggest advantage of a thread lift is the simplicity of it. It could be done just in one hour or before that. A few people would feel that their skin is too sensitive and they may feel a little pain in the process. But it would recede with the passing of time. It is inexpensive and less cumbersome on the patient as well as the physician.

Serdev Cosmetic Thread Lift-

This thread lift procedure is different than other thread lift methods. The normal thread lift process only lifts only skin and fat. But the Serdev thread lifting procedure the movable tissues such as the thin layer beneath the muscle, could be secured to stable structures, with immediate results. This thread lift procedure could be used to increase the jaw line, raise the outer corners encircling the eyes and also lifts moderate sagging of the neck tissue. This procedure is an overall solution to increase the youthfulness of the fact and neck area. It would help make you look younger and have a pleasing appearance.

Sculptra Thread Lift-

Sculptra restores a youthful look when weight is lost from the face. It ensures fuller cheeks and softer features and appearance. It induces a number of small injections into the skin. It stimulates the fat to dissolve and is taken out of the skin. Due to the success of the sculptra method it is being called the “Liquid Face Lift”. This procedure includes three treatments at monthly intervals. It is a very successful method of thread lift.

Fat Transfer Method-

Fat, taken from the thigh or stomach, is then injected into the areas where there is a loss of fat volume, in the face and neck areas. This is a very safe solution to make you look younger and refreshed without serious damage to the skin tissue. No unwanted side effects as with cosmetic surgery. This is performed under local anesthesia and three treatments at a two month interval would be needed for optimal results and young looks.

Cosmetic thread lifting could be done with the minimum hazard and guarantee maximum protection to the patient. The inexpensiveness of this procedure makes it one of the most sought after mini surgeries of most of the people who want to look young and beautiful. The time it takes to perform this mini surgery could be an advantage for busy executives, who do not have the time to spend for weeks and weeks in convalescing. It is one of the best risk free surgeries available right now to make you young and good looking.

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