Discover The Major Benefits Of Getting Organized

Time to get organized

Discover The Major Benefits Of Getting Organized

How many people forget where they put their car keys? Probably every car owner has done it at one time or another, however there are people that tend to do it more often. This is because they do not have a normal routine of where to put them, and that is probably true for most other things that they have in the house. It probably extends to their workplace as well, and so they probably do less work than everyone else because they spend most of the day looking for things they had put down earlier. This is why you should learn the benefits of getting organized.

Now you can go from being totally disorganized to the other extreme, and have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), where everything must be in an exact place, usually in an exact position. If you are looking to get your life more organized, then you will not be classed as having OCD, but you will feel much better, more relaxed, and your efficiency will improve. So to help you, below are the many benefits of getting organized with your life.


Just compare two people in your mind, they both have the same job and same workload each day. One of them has everything in organized piles on their desk, while the other one has paperwork scattered everywhere. The organized one has finished his work in time for the first coffee break, while the other person is still trying to find all the documents to start. Being organized has helped the first person complete the task quickly, while the other is just wasting time. The other thing is that the person who has finished is relaxed, while the other one is fretting, stressed, and probably getting angry.

These days with life so fast, we often complain about their not being enough time in the day, and yet if people got more organized, then they would probably discover that there are enough hours.


Using the example above, look how much more money the first person would be making for the company. Now imagine if you were running your own business, or doing freelance work at home. By having everything organized your efficiency level goes up, and you bring in more money for less work. For those people who know where everything is in the house, it means that household jobs are done quicker, and so they have more time to relax.


With organization comes productivity. The quicker you find things, the more time you then have for doing the task. How many times have you decided what you are going to cook for dinner, and when you look in the freezer you discover that what you wanted is not there? That would not happen to someone who is organized, and knows exactly what is in the freezer, fridge and all of the cupboards.


When was the last time you were out shopping and thought, Do I need one of those? You can’t remember, so you buy one anyway. Only to discover that when you get home you now have two of whatever it is you bought. This is not so bad with food, as you can always eat it, but what if it was something more expensive like a blender? When you get back home, your husband sees it and reminds you that he put one in the attic because you never used it a few months ago.

Setting An Example

If you have children and you are leaving things lying around like dirty clothes, dishes sit in the sink all day, and things are scattered all over the bathroom. Then they will be learning off you and will do exactly the same thing. This then leads to your own things getting lost amongst their junk, and that means you will take even longer to find something. If you are organized, then you children will copy what you do, so on the occasions something is misplaced, it will be found relatively quickly.


Rushing around everywhere, and worrying causes stress and anxiety. Both of these are no good for you, and can increase your blood pressure, which can cause numerous health problems. Stress over the long term has been shown to effect sleep patterns, the immune system, and overall life expectancy. It can also erode your patience quickly, and thus can result in outbursts of anger. Being organized gets rid of the stress, when you enter someone’s house that is very tidy, you usually find those who live there are relaxed.


Having a sense of pride in life gives you a mental boost, and this in turn fills you full of happiness and energy. Organization gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. It gives you a feeling of wellbeing, and can put a spring in your step. Having a house that looks like it has been hit by a tornado does not give out a sense of pride. If you know where everything is, and you find it straight away, even if it is something that has not been used for a year, then it will give you a good feeling.

Free Your Mind

Spending a lot of time not knowing where things are means that you will be thinking about the problem constantly. This means that your mind is not focused on any one thing, so your thoughts end up just as disorganized as the house. By having a place for everything means that your mind is not cluttered, and this frees up a lot more time for you to think about other things.


Once you have everything as you like it, as soon as something new comes into your life, maybe a problem, then you have the motivation to sort it out, as you know that everything you do is done in an orderly and organized fashion.

Getting organized doesn’t mean that everything has to have its own place, but as you have read all of the positive benefits, then it is worth spending some time, and getting into the habit of keeping everything tidy. Not only will you be able to find things, but it will make your life much more enjoyable.

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