4 Of The Best Mini Games To Have On Your Minecraft Servers


4 Of The Best Mini Games To Have On Your Minecraft Servers

One of the biggest challenges that comes with running your own Minecraft servers is creating and sustaining the right level of popularity. Multiplayer servers aren’t much fun if it is just you and one or two friends doing the same things over and over. So how do you attract new crowds to your servers? One of the best ways is to include several PvP mini games for players to partake in. There are four in particular that have proven to be huge hits. They’re explained below, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Add these games and your server population will always be full!

Hunger Games

There is perhaps no mini game that is more popular on Minecraft servers than the PvP take on the famous book series and movie trilogy. Made famous by minecraft Youtube players like SkyDoesMinecraft and BajanCanadian, having this game alone on your servers is enough to bring new players in all the time.

So how does it work? There are twelve to twenty-four players, all starting out in a center ring (spawn). They’re playing in survival mode, and once you run out of health you’re eliminated from the game. Just like with the series, last man standing wins. Throughout the maps that you create or download, there will be chests that provide a variety of items like food and armor. As the server admin, you can even decide what kinds of items the chests will spawn! Alliances will form, epic battles will be waged, and your server will become more popular than ever!

Cops Vs. Robbers

This mini game actually rivals Hunger Games in popularity, trailing behind only because it usually involves a smaller number of players. Cops Vs. Robbers is a remake of the popular gamemode from Halo 3, and it is just as fun as the original.

In this game mode, there are usually four or five players, although there can be as many as twelve. Most players are prisoners, and one player plays as the warden (there will be an “assistant” assigned if it is a full room). The cops are decked out with all diamond armor, an enchanted bow and sword (“taser” and “discipline”) as well as a baton with overpowered knockback capabilities. Prisoners must obey the orders given by the warden while looking for an opportunity to escape the prison. Inmates have many secret passages and other tricks to get away, so it is an even match.

Version 3.0 was recently released, and this has proven to be the most fun version yet. There is a new bigger prison that includes a basketball court and new secret passages. An endgame has finally been added as well (players “called it” on their own previously). Players must now reach a ship that is outside the prison and step on a pressure plate to officially escape. Add this game to your server and let the hunt begin!

The Walls

The walls is a personal favorite of this author, as it incorporates the best elements of the actual Minecraft game into a PvP setting. The walls is also the most popular team based game, allowing players to bring their friends along onto your Minecraft servers to bring that sense of camaraderie that will help your population immensely.

The Walls got it’s name because of the game mechanic that separates the teams during the beginning (building) phase. Each game has four teams made up of four players that are placed into the arena with absolutely nothing on them. A giant system of walls separates each team, even extending underground. During the build phase, players are given fifteen minutes to prepare for the upcoming free for all battle. Players collect resources and build weapons and armor, just like in the single player survival mode. Once the walls drop, players battle it out while seeking special treasures such as diamonds and enchanted items in the center of the map. Last team standing wins!

Parkour Races

Most people know about parkour in the real world: the activity that challenges people to find the most creative ways to get around. Parkour has made its way into Minecraft as well, giving players a puzzle aspect to a game that doesn’t usually involve that sort of thing. This is a newer game mode; but it is slowly gaining popularity.

Parkour races are pretty simple, and the rules are governed by the players taking part in the race. All you have to do is upload one of the maps, that will come with a pre-set linear course that will require finesse, speed, and creativity to conquer.

All of the mini games mentioned above are a ton of fun, and are guaranteed to get more players playing on your server. Download and configure these game modes on your Minecraft servers today, and have fun!

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